Why is a cookie policy required? What should a cookie policy contain?

A cookie policy is a list of all the cookies in use on your website with detailed information about each tracker made available for end-users to provide them with insights into how their personal data is being processed when visiting your domain.

Think of your website’s cookie policy as a map of all the tracking technologies that make up your domain’s data processing structure, which would otherwise be operating out of sight for visitors.

As a key part of being compliant with most major data privacy legislations in the world (including the EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPA/CPRA, Brazil’s LGPD and South Africa’s POPIA), your website’s cookie policy must always be up to date and should answer the following questions –

  • What types/categories of cookies are set?
  • What categories of personal data is processed by the cookies?
  • What are the purposes of each cookie on your website?
  • How long do the cookies stay on end-user browsers?
  • Where in the world is end-user data sent to and what third parties is it shared with?
  • How can end-users choose whether to allow cookies to process their data or not, and how can they later check or change their consent state?