The next generation AI Transformation is built around the financial division and this is just the beginning.

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being used by Hewwest to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. AI algorithms can analyse large amounts of data and spot patterns that indicate fraudulent activity. Hewwest employs AI-powered algorithms to make investment decisions based on historical data, market trends, and other variables. These algorithms can analyse data more quickly and accurately than humans, resulting in better investment decisions. AI can analyse financial data in real time, allowing Hewwest to more effectively identify and mitigate risks.

Our Insights

Our Insights

Artificial intelligence has always been at the heart of Hewwest. We use ERPs to handle our projects, procurement procedures, and accounting. The introduction of ERP systems enables Hewwest to centralise and standardise our financial functions. Some of the tasks covered by the ERP include supply chain management, risk management, analytics, and enterprise performance management (EPM). Increasing automation also translates to higher accuracy throughout your financial processes. AI can handle more complicated circumstances, including the entire automation of tedious, manual processes.

Our Commitment

The financial industry is changing as a result of AI, which allows Hewwest to make choices more quickly and accurately while also lowering costs and increasing customer service. Our commitment is to use artificial intelligence to make the world a better place. Hewwest is also aware of the potential downsides of using AI in finance, such as employment displacement, bias, and cybersecurity issues. It is critical for Hewwest to carefully consider these risks and implement mitigation measures.

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