For the both investors and consumers, inflation continues to be a top concern. Diversification is the only strategy for surviving it.

Although significant modifications are probably not necessary, there might be ways to better position your financial plan to benefit from shifting market conditions. Hewwest advises for aggressive investors with higher risk tolerance to ride the wave if you're looking to build growth in a portfolio, and considerations for conservative investors with lower risk tolerance by gradually moving money out of cash.

Our Insights

Our Insights

Hewwest Holds When inflation is high and interest rates are rising, financial planning considerations are crucial. Your capacity to reach your financial objectives may be impacted by ongoing inflation and rising interest rates. We carefully consider our financial strategy to see if any modifications are required. If you're aiming to create income to fulfil cash flow requirements or growth in your portfolio, we take certain activities into consideration. What actions we might wish to take will depend on your financial goals and the amount of risk you are willing to take.

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We act in a way that is beneficial for you. Your own asset allocation or financial strategy may not need to be drastically changed in response to the current economic and market shifts. Yet, certain changes would be worthwhile to take into account. Hewwest will always consider your needs and discuss the most effective strategies for you, which will be very advantageous.

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